Dr. Jones earned his MA and PhD in Clinical Psychology with a focus on Individuals, Families, and Children from the Alliant/California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Jones specializes in child and adolescent psychology with experience working at esteemed institutions such as Valley College, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles – Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine, Jewish Family Services, and the Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic. There, Dr. Jones offered an array of services, from testing and various therapeutic modalities to crisis intervention and intensive trauma work.

Beyond his clinical endeavors, Dr. Jones is the Director of Innovation and Leadership Development Associate at NCSY, a youth organization. With over a decade of experience in educational and leadership roles, ranging from teacher to Head of School for K-12, his extensive background in education enriches his work with young individuals facing academic, social, and emotional challenges.

Dr. Jones firmly believes that every individual is endowed with immense potential and innate strength. His foremost objective is to empower his clients, guiding them to recognize their inherent worth, find purpose in their lives, and unveil the untapped potential shaping their unique selves. Whether assisting a parent of a traumatized child, supporting a teenager grappling with anxiety, helping a young adult trapped in depression, or aiding a couple seeking reconnection, Dr. Jones believes positive transformation is attainable.

Life’s journey often places barriers in the path of happiness and success. Through therapeutic engagement, Dr. Jones’ mission is to adeptly navigate clients around, over, and through these challenges, nurturing a fortified sense of identity and holistic sense of well-being.

Dr. Jones’ therapeutic approach begins with discerning each client’s unique strengths and pinpointing the obstacles they face, be they physical, neurological, emotional, situational, or relational. Collaboratively, Dr. Jones works with clients to craft a tailored treatment plan utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – a pragmatic, goal-driven, and compassionate approach.

The father of Positive Psychology, Dr. Martin Seligman once wrote, “Well-being cannot exist just in your own head. Well-being is a combination of feeling good as well as actually having meaning, good relationships and accomplishment.” If you are ready to start a path towards actualized well-being, together, we will work towards feeling better, finding meaning, having positive relationships and accomplishment.

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